Safe and industrially proven labelling of engine and transmission components

Reduction of Time and Cost
in Development and in Improvement of Machinery

RTM – Radionuclide-Technique in Mechanical Engineering

today is a widely irreplaceable support for wear and corrosion
diagnostics in the development of high-quality machines and
engines. Irradiation at the cyclotron produces a precise, thin
radioactive layer directly in the surface of the critical machine
part. The labeled component is then remounted in the machine
on the test bench at the customer’s site. The measured decrease
of the intensity of the labeled component’s radiation indicates
the wear with high precision and continuously during the
service of the machine or engine – non-contacting and noninteracting.

Advantages of RTM

  • non-contacting, selective and continuous measurements
  • non-interacting measurements under real operation conditions
  • high sensitivity down to nanoscale region
  • applicable for metallic, ceramic, and polymeric materials
  • safe and successfully used in industry

RTM – Online Wear Measuring Technology

RTM-Übersichtsarbeit inkl. Biomechanik (en)

Tribology and Radionuclide Technique


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