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ZAG Zyklotron AG:
Radioisotopes for Medicine and Engineering

ZAG Zyklotron AG – a spin-off of research

We develop, produce, and provide sophisticated radioactive products of high quality for engineering and medicine. >>> more

ZAG Products for nuclear medicine

ZAG produces F-18 FDG as licensed radiopharmaceutical daily for PET in hospitals and in private medical practice. >>> more

Production technology for the pharmaceutical industry

ZAG is a leading manufacturer in the production technology of radiosotopes with accelerators and delivers complete, turnkey radioisotope production assemblies. >>> more

RTM Wear Measurement Technique

RTM – Radionuclide-Technique in Mechanical Engineering – today is a widely irreplaceable support for wear and corrosion diagnostics in the development of high-quality machines and engines. >>> more

Thin layer activation

The critical zone of a relevant machine part is labeled in a precisely adjustable thin layer by irradiation with high-energy particles at one of our two cyclotron accelerators. >>> more

Special Applications

ZAG offers a wide range of… >>> more



KIPROS 200 is our newly designed high-performance gastarget for production of Iodine 123. Please find more in the...

>>>

Aseptic Preparation of Radiopharmaceuticals

In cooperation with BioChem Karlsruhe we investigated experimentally and theoretically the aseptic preparation of...

>>>

18FDG Drug Informations available

18FDG drug informations are available here:for Patients and Professionals...

>>>

Beam Diagnostics

A new technique of beam diagnostics is tested.ZAG Zyklotron AG has developed a new method of beam diagnostics for its...

>>>

Zr 89 for PET

Zr 89 is very advantageous for tumor diagnostics with PET (positron emission tomography) using labeled antibodies....

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