The industrial proven PLC displays all analog measured values on the screen

Main Qualities

KIPROS 120 Productivity at EOB

  • Wash-out:    > 350 MBq/µAh > 9 mCi/µAh    
  • After concentration unit:    > 300 MBq/µAh > 8 mCi/µAh

Target Station

  • Xe-124 gas storage close to target, no gas transfer over long distances
  • Minimal risk of gas losses, safety and shielding advantages
  • Nickel-plated inner target body surface for high chemical product purity.

Window Replacement

  • Remote exchange of target window in less than one minute
  • Radiation dose to personnel is minimized
  • No loss of production run.

Diagnostic Box

  • Two pairs of four-sector collimators
  • 6 kW beam stop
  • Beam current measurements for beam stop, collimators, and target body are displayed on the control screen.

Chemistry Unit

  • Plug-in technique, easy access for maintenance
  • No heavy shielding needed (only 5cm lead), because only 123I is handled
  • Activity monitoring via GM detectors
  • Breakthrough control of ion exchange column
  • Dispensing unit to 5 vials.

 Safe Production Concept

  • Significant reduction of radiation risks for the operating staff
  • Automatic exchange of the dual foil flange by the robot system
  • Lead shielding of target and reservoir bottles
  • No long distance transport of highly active Xenon gas necessary.

Control System

  • Industrial proven PLC
  • All analog measured values as temperatures, pressures, flows, activities, and currents are displayed on the control screen.


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